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Near Death ExperiencesThe sensation of leaving your own body, a tunnel of light, visions of passed…

Near Death Experiences

The sensation of leaving your own body, a tunnel of light, visions of passed on loved ones, a review of your life, a feeling of peace and well-being.

Many people have reported these feelings and sensations when lingering on death’s door. Is it a glimpse of the afterlife or just hallucinations as the brain slowly shuts down?

Many people who have been on the brink of death, and more importantly, those who have been clinically dead, have reported various strange experiences.

Reports range from out of body experiences (some people having seen their own dead bodies), to a tunnel of light, a sense of well-being and relief from pain to visions of loved ones who have already passed. These experiences, along with many others, are collectively referred to as ‘near death experiences’ or NDE’s.

Although there have been many historical reports of similar experiences, it is with the advent of medical technologies ability to resuscitate people after much longer periods of ceased bodily function, that NDE’s have become more common.

NDE’s have become so common that Kenneth Ring, Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, has subdivided people’s experiences into five separate stages: peace, body separation, entering darkness, seeing the light and finally entering the light.

More people experience the first stages of NDE, than the later stages.

There have been many theories of what is taking place during an NDE. Common amongst more spiritual people is that it is the transition from life to the afterlife. Many cite it as proof positive that the human consciousness can survive the death of the physical body.

Skeptics of the spiritual outlook claim that the symptoms of the NDE are caused by the brain releasing large amounts of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring psychedelic) into the system in order to prevent its host and itself suffering further trauma and shock.

It is also noted that many of the NDE ‘symptoms’ are felt by those that have not suffered life threatening events, or people in deep meditation and those lucidly dreaming. These facts are also said to prove that NDE experiences have no link to an existence, or proof of the afterlife.

However, it should be understood that many people utilize meditation, lucid dreaming and the use of DMT for spiritual practices. These practices have been used for many, many years by those seeking to better experience and commune with the spirit realms.

Even if the brain itself is causing these events, could it be priming the experiences consciousness for the afterlife?

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Near Death ExperiencesThe sensation of leaving your own body, a tunnel of light, visions of passed…

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