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Mystery Booms Continue Unabated into 2019

Mystery Booms Continue Unabated into 2019:

The series of mystery booms that began being widely
reported in 2017 has continued unabated into 2019. The phenomenon, if anything,
appears to be becoming more frequent, although it is unclear if this represents
an increase in the phenomenon itself, or merely in its reporting.

2019 has so far seen a small series of mysterious booms that echoed across
northern Utah on January 5th, and a mystery boom on January 22nd in Kentucky’s Jackson County
was followed the next evening by a second boom in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Since then, a slew of new reports have come from local
news outlets around the country.

The Singular Fortean Society for the full article.

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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Mystery Booms Continue Unabated into 2019

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