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mysteriousplanchette: Wilder Manufacturing Co.’s “Mystic Hand”…


Wilder Manufacturing Co.’s “Mystic Hand” automatic writer, 1920s. Essentially their Mitche Manitou talking board planchette repackaged with a pencil-sized hole in the fingertip, this one came in at least a couple of boxed variations. This one is my favorite.

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That’s a lovely piece of occultism history! But also possibly the most impractical planchette I’ve ever seen. It’s not balanced for a start so the slightest pressure from any person/people operating it will make go a bit wild…? Definitely for fun but tricky for necromancy =P 

@mysteriousplanchette – I realise I can’t see it’s undercarriage – is it well balanced? Please forgive me – it just doesn’t look it, but I could be totally wrong. (Also all your planchettes and ouija boards are fascinating – thank you for your posts!)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
mysteriousplanchette: Wilder Manufacturing Co.’s “Mystic Hand”…

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