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mysteriousplanchette:Sending out *another* shout-out to my…


Sending out *another* shout-out to my amazing BFF and fortune-telling collector extraordinaire @brandieknight1980 for hooking me up with this rare set of J.H. Singer “Cards of Fate” from the 1890s. Singer is on my radar thanks to the positively beautiful “Mystic Wanderer” tabletop séance game that’s always a hit here (similar to the Vishnu, posted Tuesday), and I featured these cards on my website years ago but never had the opportunity to add a set to my collection until Brandie ran across a spare set and sent them my way. THANK YOU!

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Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
mysteriousplanchette:Sending out *another* shout-out to my…

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