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mysteriousplanchette: I haven’t posted the Ouija “Snitch Baby”…


I haven’t posted the Ouija “Snitch Baby” in quite some time. This is a photo of the only known surviving specimen of this rare board, which is now all that survives of it at all. Just a few short hours after this photo was taken, the board was tossed in a trash barrel and burned by a superstitious landlord who found out her tenant, who had shown it to me, had discovered the board in the attic of her old home. Fortunately, the tenant was willing to race to town to have it photographed before that regrettable incident occurred, and here we are. For those of you who have seen my lecture, you’ll recognize it as the item and morality tale I use to close my presentation. Only ashes now, but hopefully another will materialize!!

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*Cannot possibly roll eyes any harder* What is it with everyone and burning ouija boards? It’s just a piece of card or wood with the alphabet on it. It’s not inherently magical in and of itself. For example, you could try speaking to ghosts and spirits using bibliomancy with the Complete Works of Shakespeare or the Bible. I wonder if anyone would be as keen to burn those after?

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
mysteriousplanchette: I haven’t posted the Ouija “Snitch Baby”…

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