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My brother’s room


Anonymous submitted:

I’d prefer if this were kept anonymous

For a while my father and step-mother lived in an old house with a lot of land outside of Fresno. It was weird and just never a place I enjoyed spending time at whenever I visited. It was hard to sleep just because of all the strange quiet noises would bug me whenever I tried, like creaks of the old house would cut through the air and I just couldn’t shake it.

One night I was in my half brother’s room (he was about six at the time). I told him good night before heading off to my room. I forgot to close the door for some reason so I turned around just a few steps out in the hallway. On the ground, I saw the light from the lamp in his room casting a shadow against the wall opposite his room. Only it wasn’t his shadow, it looked hunched over, kind of like an old man or woman. I could see the shadow of its hands together, as if in some sort of prayer. I immediately dashed into the room to find just my younger brother patting down his bed. I asked him if he saw anything or if anyone was in here and he said no. It seemed so real but I thought it was just a trick my mind played on me (even though it was 8 o’clock). I asked him if he was sure and he nodded his head up and down. Accepting this as good enough for the time, I went to bed a few hours later and struggled to fall asleep as usual.

The next morning he, our dad, and I were at the breakfast table. After our father got up from the table, my brother smiled widely at me and loudly whispered (as children only know how to do) to me that he had a secret. I asked him what it was and he flapped his hand for me to give him my ear. I leaned in and, as he basically spit into my ear, he told me there was an old lady in his room last night.

FYNK James: 9/10 My roommates from Fresno! I’ll ask him if he’s the little boy in the story who likes withholding valuable information. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
My brother’s room

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