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monthoffearart:UntitledPiece inspired by: Poe, “Haunted”Come…


Piece inspired by: Poe, “Haunted”

Come here…. No I won’t say pleaseOne more look at the ghost before I’m gonna make it leave

I tend to be too literal when I am given assignments, even within what are intended to be more “free-form” projects– perhaps out of a fear of disappointing others,  and it’s something I really want to change about myself.So this time, I really wanted to do a more symbolic, emotional piece which explores more of what the song made me feel or think rather than what it might be specifically saying.I imagined this was a song about someone whose spouse has died, and they remain wrapped in the memory of their touch, their smell, their everything. Their favorite room is untouched, their clothing still folded in drawers.I wanted to make an image about someone facing their love for the final time, and gently beginning the process of pulling away from the comfort of sadness and rejoining the world. Misery would love to keep us in its grasp–sometimes we don’t know who or what we would be without it–but the work of healing eventually must be done.

Ashley Hankins

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
monthoffearart:UntitledPiece inspired by: Poe, “Haunted”Come…

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