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monthoffearart:Until Death Unites Us AgainReiko MurakamiInspired…


Until Death Unites Us Again

Reiko Murakami

Inspired by “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. 

I always thought death is the end of our journey and something to be feared. However after watching a documentary about near death experiences, it changed my mind. One person on the show said she felt welcome as if she’s going home, like the place was where she actually belongs. Thinking death as being reunited with our loved ones and spiritual peace makes it easier to live and appreciate everyday more I think. Knowing we will be welcomed home at the end allows us to drop our fear for future and focus on what we have in our current life. So, until the day comes, let’s live in the moment.

It’s been a blast to join the last MOF this year. It’s such an honor to be in this community you started, thank you so much Kristina! I’ve had multiple pieces from MOF that pushed my career to higher level. Many of my Spectrum pieces are in fact from MOF as well. I also discovered and friended many artists through this. Thank you again for creating this community. I really appreciate it.
Now I’m back in town, let me know when you have time to hang out!

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
monthoffearart:Until Death Unites Us AgainReiko MurakamiInspired…

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