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Mom’s Old House


genderpeach submitted:

ok so my mom messed around with a ouija board when she was younger, so paranormal stuff has kind of always happened in our house. normally its just small stuff like quite knocking or door shutting by themselves. maybe the occasional shadow here and there. totally minor. when i was around 8 or 9 we moved into my Mimi’s old house (the house my mom grew up in) and stuff started to get a little more…intense. the stuff that happened there was scary as hell. it started with the usual like stuff moving around or a door shutting. again, minor. but one night my brothers were in their room. Nathan sleeping (without his pillow) and Bradley watching some tv. all of a sudden bradley saw nathan’s pillow lift into the air and hit the ceiling, when he tries to wake nathan up to show him, it slams on the ground. then they ran to my room and got me and in was freaked the hell out, so we all ran to my parents room to sleep there.
another time, me and Bradley were having one of our all nighter tv marathons (we watched all of Heroes in basically a day) and while were sitting in the livingroom we heard a tapping, like someone was tapping on the wall in the hallway upstairs, we thought it was nathan trying to annoy us bc we wouldnt let him watch tv with us so we told him to cut it out, but then it kept getting louder and louder until it sounded like someone was straight up punching a hole in the wall, i went to check it out and i saw a black figure and the end of the hallway right infront of Nathan’s room. me and bradley hauled ass into our parents room.
the final experience that i remember before we moved out was when u was maybe 13 or 12. we had a “play room” but it was just a room with a tv and a wii hooked up. i was chillin in the playroom watching Law & Order: SVU when the closet door opens up a little but, just a crack, but i ignore it bc i wrote it off as the wind. but then i hear a man right next to my ear whisper “good episode, right?”, i whip my head around to find nobody there. i walked downstairs and asked my dad if he had walked upstairs and talked to me but he had been napping all day.
(we lived in a small town in Georgia, USA by the way)
sorry this turned out so long. i just picked 3 of the weirdest experiences i remember.

James: 7/10 Wow, Heroes, what a throwback. Did you just watch season 1? I never liked the later seasons. Anyway, thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Mom’s Old House

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