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deathsonlyson submitted: 


I guess this is both a story and a question, but it’s too long to post in the asks so into the submit it goes! I haven’t told anyone about this because none of my friends are really into paranormal things like I am, so I’m not sure if they’d be able to help me.

My mother died at home a year ago (accidental death, probably traumatic) and recently I ended up having to move back there.

I’m almost entirely convinced that somehow she’s lingering around. I keep hearing noises, like coughing and cupboards closing, when there shouldn’t be any other noise (the only other person who lives here is my dad and my cat, and I’ve heard these noises when my dad is outside or not even home at all, and these are noises that a cat shouldn’t be able to make.) I’ll also get extremely cold out of nowhere, sometimes to the point where I need to wear an absurd amount of blankets and clothing when the thermostat says my room should be warm. 

I’ve also been having extremely vivid recurring dreams where I can actually see my body still in bed, but then I go downstairs and come face to face with my mother. I guess the dreams aren’t paranormal, but they’re so vivid that it’s been really freaking me out!

My question is if there’s anything I can do to help her move on or something? I’ve been losing sleep because of these dreams and my anxiety is through the roof. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I’m so sorry for your loss. Most people seem to feel spirits that stick around have some sort of unfinished business, or weren’t able to come to terms with their death.  Often family members that sense the spirit are the people the spirit cared deeply about, and they want to let them know that they’re okay and not to worry about them.

Sometimes the activity goes away on its own after a while without anyone doing anything, other times a blessing might help. If you’re able to lucid dream at all, talking to her in your dreams might help.  Even if the dream’s not paranormal, it could be your grief that you need to work out internally.

This was submitted a while ago, so I hope you’re not having these problems anymore and that she’s able to rest easily. 3/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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