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kylepianoman91 submitted:

This is a true story, and I still don’t know exactly how this could be explained. All I know is that I was utterly terrified.


I remember going to bed pretty late, and it was sometime in Winter. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, so our Winters are pretty cold and bleak. Night time seems darker than normal, and with everything so cold, it is pretty chilling all on its own.

I lived with my mom, just us. That’s how it had been for the previous 19 years of my life. I was, at the time, 20, and attending college full-time. On this particular night, a Friday, I had stayed up pretty late to catch up on Facebook, and the blogs I normally read. By the time I got to bed, it was probably about 2am.

Our house was a simple townhouse, in a “complex”, there was a total of about 60 townhouses. The complex was on a road that was pretty much at the edge of the city, and directly across from it was a large forest. Railroad tracks passed behind the complex, which carried cargo trains.

Both of our bedrooms were on the second floor. My room was right by the stairs. My door was at one end of the hallway, with the stairs right next to it, the ‘U’ shape of stairs where you have 2 or 3 steps, then a little landing, then about 10 steps, then another landing, then another 2 or 3 steps. My mom’s room was directly at the other end of the hallway, and the bathroom was between our two rooms.

Where I had my bed…if I was laying in my bed and facing the door, you could see just down those first 2 or 3 steps to the landing, and then the staircase turned to head down the other 10 steps, so you could only see the first…two steps of that part.

I’m the type of person who would rather face the door. I always had the mentality, that if something were to happen (fire, break-in, etc.) if I were facing the door, I’d have a bit of warning to get myself to safety, as I’d likely see/hear more than I would facing the wall with my window.

This particular night, I woke up not long after originally falling asleep. I was, strangely, facing the window…not something I normally did. I awoke at about 3:30am, as I noticed on my alarm clock. Since I was facing the ‘wrong’ way, I rolled over.

Once I faced the other side of the room, I looked up, seeing my mom standing over my bed. I noticed then, that she was holding a pillow in her hand, and almost smiling…but in an eerie sort of way…a way she normally never smiles.

“Mom?” I said, and then I reached up to wipe my eyes, feeling that sort of crusty stuff that makes it hard to completely open them. After rubbing them, I looked up again at my mom…but she was gone.

“Mom…what the fuck?” So I got up, and walked down the hall to her room…wondering why she was in my room at all, at that hour. When I got to her room…I was pretty surprised.

She was laying in her bed, completely asleep, snoring, and it was obvious she had definitely not left her room.

I was terrified to think..what the hell was in my room?

Fuck Yeah Moderator James: 8/10 Damn, doppelgangers always get me.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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