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Mod James, please share your experiences!

Hey!  Sorry, I disappeared for a while, or “ghosted” if you will, it’s been a busy semester but I’ll try to set aside more time for you all again.

Ok, my paranormal experiences weren’t much but since you’ve asked I’ll share.

1. The first one happened when I was two.  I know memory is fairly unreliable, especially memories of when you’re two so I don’t remember what happened before or after and it could have been my imagination but I’m not sure it was.  Anyways, I was two.  I was complaining to my mom about going to bed.  I said it wasn’t even dark out.  She said that it was.  I said, “nuh uh.”  To prove to me that it was in fact night time, she went to the window behind my bed and yanked open the blinds.  And in that moment, I saw a featureless, man-sized black figure with his face, upper torso, and arms and hands pressed up against the window.  My bedroom is on the second floor and there is no balcony or anything.  I just remember crying, my mom letting the blinds down, and my brother jumping on the bed asking to see.  I do remember some handyman came in later to move my bed to the other side of the room.  When I asked my mom when I was maybe 17 or so why we did that, she said when it was in the old spot I was always moody and kept complaining about nightmares and bad thoughts.

2. About a few months or so ago while I was in my apartment for college, I went to the bathroom.  Now there is a kitchen/living room, two double bedrooms, and one bathroom with a loud ass fan.  When it was just me and another guy (who lived in the other room) in my apartment, I left my room to go to the bathroom.  While sitting down on the seat, I got a text from the guy asking, “What, James?”  Now being in the small toilet room with the loud ass fan basically being the only thing I could hear, I didn’t know what he was talking about so I said, “What, what?”.  He responded, “What are you going on about?”


“I can hear you loudly talking to yourself in your room and it’s getting creepy.”

I turned the fan off, finished my business in the toilet room, washed my hands, and burst into my room.  There was nobody there of course.  I went to my roommates room and told him I was in the bathroom and asked him what he heard.  He said what he heard was clearly my voice talking in my room although he couldn’t make out exactly what  I said.  I’m not sure what to make of it although nothing else has happened since then so I think I’m in the clear.

I know my stories aren’t 10/10s but thanks for asking!  I appreciate the support for the blog!  Keep submitting everyone!




by cnkguy
Mod James, please share your experiences!

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