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Mod Gracie’s review of Veronica Hello and welcome to Mod Gracie’s review of “Veronica” I heard…

Mod Gracie’s review of Veronica

Hello and welcome to Mod Gracie’s review of “Veronica” I heard that this was supposed to be considered the scariest movie of all time by a lot of people and I don’t think that’s something that should be said lightly. So I decided to watch it and see for myself and since I got a lot of replies on my post asking to do the review. Here we go!

1. Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in someway? Supernatural Its based on a true story but I think based on true events is a better term, it’s based on the “Vallecas Case” that happened in 1991 Madrid, Spain. It’s the only time something paranormal has ever been recorded in a official police report in Madrid. The movie however is about Veronica “Vero” Escancena a 15 year old living with her mother and three younger siblings. On the day of a solar Eclipse Veronica and her two friends sneak to the basement of their school and use a ouija board so Veronica can talk to her deceased father. Strange things happen to Vero during the seance and after.

2. How scary was it? 6/10 While I did enjoy it, It was not in fact “the scariest movie of all time” I did have low standards from the beginning as I’m not a fan of horror movies that use Ouija Boards. “The Ouija” movies being a good example. But I did find it interesting and it had some good scenes not that made me hide in terror or anything like that but they were interesting and built up tension and uneasiness where appropriate. The Spirit/Demon look was simple but it worked.

3. Jump scares of nah? It has jump scares but none that made me jump I think it might cause other people to jump but their weren’t that many in the movie.

4. Is there blood and gore? There is some blood not,a lot a small amount actually but no gore.

5. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? 2 The children characters were very good and so was the character Veronica.

6. Does that story make logical sense if you think about it too long? I think so I’m a big believer in paranormal things way more since being a mod on this tumblr,while I have not used a ouija board myself I have heard stories from friends and family about what happened when they used a board. Some very paranormal,some not so much. I also think that it being on a official police report gives it credit since it was seen by multiple officers.

While it definitely does not deserve the title of scariest movie of all time “Veronica” was a good movie at 6/10 I did not regret watching it I found it interesting and entertaining it had some good tension in scenes and the acting was great to me and while it was a typical ouija board story of girl doing a seance and after she’s plagued by a spirit it didn’t do that much of the typical things that usually happen in those scenarios. The ending made me think of “Sinister” a movie I really enjoyed. If you haven’t seen it already Since this movie was on Netflix I thought I would recommend two other movies on there. So without further ado I recommend The Ritual on Netflix for a good horror movie and for a weird and a good bad horror I recommend Tag that movie was awesome both were awesome actually. Thanks for reading and as always feel free to recommend any horror movies you would like Mod James or I to review don’t hesitate to message us.




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Mod Gracie’s review of Veronica Hello and welcome to Mod Gracie’s review of “Veronica” I heard…

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