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Mod Gracie's review of IT

Hello and welcome to Mod Gracie’s review of IT! As some you may or may not know I’m a BIG fan of Stephen King his books and watching scary things at a young age are the main reasons I love horror and paranormal things. so when I saw Mod James do a review of Annabelle Creation I immediately thought of doing one for IT. So without further ado here it is!
Also this is spoiler-free (above the Keep Reading line).
1. Supernatural or psychological or metaphorical in someway? Supernatural, its about a town that is terrorized by IT otherwise known as Pennywise the dancing clown every 27 years and feeds on the kids of Derry, It also has some elements of psychological in the form of IT appearing in the forms of the kids fear. But it didn’t leave me thinking about it afterwards as much as The Witch, that movie Woof..
2. How scary was it? 8/10 it was very scary when it came to the what some of the kids saw for example like Eddie with the leper and Stanley’s woman from the painting. It’s definitely the scariest Stephen king movie in awhile and better than the 1990 TV movie in terms of scariness, scenes, and story. It had some great shots all around to build up tension and uneasiness.
3. Jump scares of nah? Oh it has jump scares my mother can attest to that as she jumped at everyone, I did jump once and I twitched at another. I have a bad habit of predicting when jump scares are going to happen so when they do happen they don’t affect me but as with it there have been exceptions.
4. Is there blood and gore? There is a very good amount of blood and gore not over the top like let’s say….the death note movie on Netflix that was some fan service when it came to the gore. (And that’s all I’m going to say about that movie I don’t think any wants to hear me rant about that haha)
5. On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being Alien: Covenant), how dumb were the characters? Hmm I’m going to say 2 they were kids so they were not as rational as they could be when it came to ‘hey this door just opened slightly and some spooky stuff has been happening around me but ill still check it out’ or ’ i just read about something that happened in the past and now something from that is leading me towards it in a creepy place ill follow them’ if it was an adult I’d be like always screaming internally for them to don’t be stupid and such. But with the kids not so much.
6. Does that story make logical sense if you think about it too long? Hmmm i think it does though I only think the part that really doesn’t is how the adults or should i say police realize this happens every 27 years there at least has to be a grizzled veteran of the police force that noticed such a thing but I guess not. i mean. You would think they would contact the government or something about it.

In conclusion I give IT a 9/10 the story was great and the actors it had some great scenes all around stuck to the more then the 1990 original and while that one wasn’t good it has nostalgia value to me so ill always love it and defend it. And it also had Tim Currie who was just soooo good as pennywise. But this pennywise is good i was apprehensive at first about him. But he was good his voice was good and the way he moves and interacted with other characters was great also. Definitely Recommend it, but if you are like my mom in the way of not a fan of scary things blood and gore but you love Stephen King you might spend a decent amount of time looking away from said scenes and covering your eyes. Apologies in advance if this wasn’t a great review it’s my first time doing this

Spoiler-y thoughts below

– Man if Henry killed that cat i would have been so mad I might have cried i hate seeing that in movies, But cat was ok! Henry’s dad stopped just in time.
-I dint know why i really liked the scene when Mike was at the meat delivery door and the hands were coming out the door and then you see pennywise in the meat locker.
-Did Henry and his friends really not care their friend was missing? I couldn’t stop thinking about that
-Man I didn’t think Henry was going to die.
_ This is a bit random but does ant one happen to know the song being played when the were cleaning Bevs bathroom? I cant find it
– They made Beth’s dad way more creepier here then in the Tv Movie calling her daddy’s little girl in such a creepy voice and look.




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Mod Gracie's review of IT

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