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me @ those black figures in the corner of my eye at my house that disappear when i turn in that direction: i know you’re there bitch

Hey, fun fact! Your peripheral vision is better equipped to see light and movement than when you look at something straight on. Dim light and shadow that would be indistinguishable when facing something can be seen out of the corner of your eye.

So, if you ever see light or movement on the edge of your vision, that suddenly vanishes when you turn, don’t worry! Whatever it is hasn’t disappeared! You’re just unable to perceive it when you’re looking right at it!

“Don’t worry” he says

As if I don’t have enough heart attacks from reflections on the inside of my glasses

“Don’t worry! Whatever it is hasn’t dissapeared!” Has the absolute OPPOSITE effect

I had a lot of trouble with math as a kid and fell down constantly. After extensive testing, one of the (many, unfortunately) things doctors found was that I straight up did not have peripheral vision. Turns out if you can’t see out the sides, you get dyslexia for numbers, aka dyscalculia. I spent three afternoons a week for a whole summer in a dark room staring through a sort of telescope into the floor, with just bright lights and colours in each lens, and they gave me exercises and boom. Eventually, I had peripheral vision.

Which is to say if you want to get better at spotting these monsters it is 100% possible. While I cannot tell you where to get the weird telescope therapy, try this:  stretch your arms out in front of you, thumbs together and only your index fingers pointing up. Then slowly, keeping your eyes dead ahead, separate your hands and move them at the same time apart. Stop when they are just at the edge of your peripheral vision.

Every time you do this, staring only straight ahead but perceiving out the sides, you stretch the ability a little, and you should be able to see further and better from the sides until you hit a max.

Good luck hunting demons!

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
mklutz:spaghettiforpapy:melladh: morganoperandi: animatedmovie: me @ those black figures in the…

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