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mom-pants submitted:

Hello, I have another story about the house I’ve lived in for a long time.

When I was like 13, my buddy and I found ourselves the (less than) proud owners of a Ouija board. Being 13, we thought the whole thing was a huge hoax and decided to fuck around with it. At this time, my dad and I had already come to the conclusion that our house was haunted, so I told my friend that we should try and talk to the ghost in my house. To clarify, before this incident, the only activity we had had was simply things going missing, or noises in the night. Also, the events of my bedroom, that I’ve described previously.
We played around with this board, and the planchette moved around to spell out the name “Ethan,” as well as the word “fire.” If I remember correctly, we might have gotten some answers to our terribly cliche yes-or-no questions. Afterwords, I swore the entire situation off as my friend fucking with me, and didn’t really give it a second thought.
After that, things were relatively normal for a while, but then the mirrors started. The first time a mirror flew off our wall, we were sitting in the living room watching a movie. We had this rickety mirror hanging on the wall, and sometimes my mother would take it down to do her makeup in. It would fall off the wall a lot, and we were kind of used to it. Anyway, we were watching a movie and it was around 6:30 at night. The mirror didn’t just fall off like usual. It sort of flew off, like someone had ripped it off the wall. It came off the wall straight forward and flew about three or four feet. It landed face up, and was absolutely shattered. It had shattered from the middle outward, and looked more like when someone punches glass rather than being dropped.
We’ve replaced the glass and frame of this mirror, and even changed where it hangs in the house, but it continues to regularly fly off the wall, along with another mirror in my father’s room. It’s even gone so far that the glass in the bathroom cabinet has seemingly been pulled out of the frame and smashed. We have no idea why, and it continues to happen on an almost regular basis. The mirrors have never hit anybody, or even came close to a person, but the whole situation is quite worrying. My sister had a baby about two weeks ago, and since then the mirror in the living room has been moved or thrown six times and counting.

FYNK James: 7/10  That’s an odd fixation for a ghost or demon or whatever Ethan may be. Nonetheless, get the baby out of there. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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