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smiling-werewolf submitted:

One time I was staying at my friend D’s house. I had heard stories about experiences she and her sister and mother had had there, which ranged from hearing taps, getting replies, hearing their names called to even hearing loud growls in their ears and seeing floating orbs.

We were seated in her living room and watching, ironically, a paranormal show. Her living room has a couch that’s back is to the window, and in front of it is a small coffee table with a large three-wick candle and a picture frame on it, and in front of that is her television. It started to get cold in the room so we bundled up in a quilt, and just as we settled, her large candle moved to our left about two inches right in front of us.

It was chilling, because nothing had ever happened to me while I was at her house, and she was able to brush it off like it was nothing because of all the things that had happened to her before. 

Well after that it was around two thirty in the morning when suddenly all three of her dogs rushed to one of the rooms in the house and began to bark at once. It was odd because that room is an open room, with a ‘window’ into the living room (it had no glass) and we hadn’t heard anyone pull into the drive way or walk up. 

She and I got up and went to investigate, when suddenly she grabbed my arm and pointed to the mirror that was hanging on her wall. It was a large mirror, about two feet wide and four feet long, and it was getting colder in the room, and as we watched a strange fog creeped inwards from the edges of the mirror and we could literally see small hand prints on the glass. When that happened, her dogs stopped barking and ran into the living room and cowered at her mother’s door. 

We took the hint and ran into her bedroom, closing the door and lighting a white candle. The whole time we were in there, we could hear tapping coming from the living room. It wasn’t the dog’s nails on the hardwood floor, because that’s distinct and easy to recognize, but it was tap, tap, tap, and it would happen every fifteen minutes or so for about two and a half hours.

We didn’t sleep that night. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Damn, that’s unsettling.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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