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cawatrooper submitted 

When I was ten I decided that I wanted to switch bedrooms. My dad helped me move all of my stuff from my old bedroom into the guest room, called the Yellow Room due to its yellow themed decor.  My mom, who had died three years earlier, had loved that room and had always kept it in good condition for when people visited. The first night sleeping in it, I heard someone walk up beside my bed.  As a child, I still assumed that it was my dad, but I hadn’t heard my room door open so I was a little worried.  I was always a little afraid of the dark, so I was already thoroughly bundled up underneath my blankets.

“Don’t you remember me?” an indistinct voice asked.

I felt more terrified that I had ever in my life. Immediately I thought that it was my mom’s voice asking me, but it sounded nothing like her. There was little inflection or accent in the voice, and it sounded like no one I should have remembered.

I pulled myself deeper under the covers, and the voice continued to ask if I remembered it.  I heard it ask about three or four more times before it went silent.  

I did not leave the relative safety of my blankets until morning.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Did it ever come back? 6/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!!

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