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Meet the lesser-known ghosts of New England

Meet the lesser-known ghosts of New England:


South Boston

On snowy winter days, with the wind whipping off the waterfront, Southie residents swear they can hear the anguished cries of a woman emanating from a freshly shoveled parking spot. Locals refer to the eerie sound as “Weeping Wanda” (pronounced WE-pin WAN-der), although her true identity remains unknown. According to lore, Wanda takes several shapes, most commonly appearing as a pajama-clad woman holding a shovel. Other times the ghastly moans seem to emanate from a flickering image of a chair or traffic cone occupying the space between two parked cars. Regardless of the form she takes, her pained refrain is unwavering: “I shoveled out this spot, and if you don’t move yah cah, I’m gonna slash yah tiyahs.

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Source: Equinox Paranormal

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Meet the lesser-known ghosts of New England

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