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Maybe they didn't like pokemon..?

This is my second story submitted here. There will probably be a couple more-I’ve had a lot of weird experiences.

I live in a small Canadian town. This particular incident happened when I was about 12. I spent a lot of time at my best friends house, as most young girls do. She lived right on the end of town, and just across the street from her house was an empty field beside a church, and at the end of the field was the beginning of a forest with maybe one dirt road. This isn’t too relevant to the story but, just so you get the idea, it was pretty creepy and the perfect atmosphere for kids to mess around and scare each other. Which happened often-horror movies, ouija boards, campouts in her yard where we’d tell scary stories. It was innocent fun and nothing ever happened, until one night. Her parents were away and we had the house to ourselves. The first strange thing to happen and, probably the creepiest, happened in the late afternoon. her living room faced the side of her house, and in the large window both the front and back door were visible. It was winter, and had been snowing all day. We were sat watching tv when her dog started growling. A second after we heard the doorbell ring. Since we were young and there alone we decided it would be smart not to answer. It rang a second time. Then a third. When we did not answer whoever was at the door, they banged heavily on it (her dog was going crazy now). Obviously we were pretty freaked out now, thinking there was some axe-wielding maniac outside her house. We waited a couple minutes, then she went and peeked out of her blinds. She came back to the couch looking panicked and wide eyed, and said, “..There are no footprints in the snow.”

I thought she was messing with me, so I went to look for myself. But she had been telling the truth. All up her walkway, on her deck, her entire yard, was completely smooth, undisturbed snow.

We were creeped out so, we called her older brother and his friend to come over. They didn’t believe us, and joked about us being childish and believing in ghosts. But they would regret that later in the night.

Around 9 we were all sitting on the living room floor exploring the older boys’ pokemon card collection. The house was small, only one floor, and the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom connected directly to the living room. We began hearing what sounded like footsteps, but the boys were still skeptical of anything weird happening and started joking that maybe someone broke into the house. Although we knew that wasn’t possible without us knowing, being such a compact house. We made light of the situation anyways, and one of the boys said loudly, “I hope no one is in here, I have my dads gun.”

Seconds after he said that, one at a time, every door in the house slammed shut.

This was terrifying at the time but thinking about it now, it’s rather funny that the other occupants in the house were not tolerant of teenage boy sass.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 Spooky!  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Maybe they didn't like pokemon..?

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