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May 2020 #8 & #9

H: Aaaaa… girl?

Me: It’s me. How are you?

H: Aaa… been better.

Me: Your cough’s worse.

H: Damp in my lungs. Spring storms.

Me: Nothing whatsoever to do with what you stole from me-

H: Leave it be.

Me: … Is there anything I can do for you?

H: No darlin’. Are you well?

Me: I’m okay. Although Mercy – my, uh, pocketbook? My codex? (H has never got on with the words ‘internet’ ‘email’ or ‘computer’.)

H: Yes.

Me: She’s broken. I can’t send correspondences or look at photographs or read things as I usually do.

H: Aa is there a cure?

Me: I don’t know. Either there will be a simple solution or else it will be complex and expensive.

H: Then I wish her a swift recovery.

Me: Thank you. Are the chittens well? And Tennyson?

H: Yes.

Me: Have you seen your family?

H: Aaaa, no.

Me: Why not?

H: If what I took is communicable… aaa I could not in good conscience…

Me: I’m sorry.

H: It was my choice.

Me: I should let you rest. Be well. Love you.

H: Love you darlin’.


H: (Coughing fit that goes on for far too long)

Me: What can I do, H?

H: Go.

Me: No! Sod this. (I try again to take back whatever illness H stole from me. I can’t tell how successful I am but H stops coughing at last.)

H: …damn you.

Me: You’ve known me long enough to know I’m not just gonna sit here when you’re in that state. Especially when you’re in bed with my case of Covid19-

H: No.

Me: … Are we sharing it then?

H: …yes. I didn’t have the strength to take it all.

Me: I never said you could take any of it! H, please just give it back to me. I’ll be fine. Please – it’s eating you up from the inside – I don’t want you to turn into a bloody leechgeist!

H: Go to sleep girl. It’s late.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
May 2020 #8 & #9

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