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May 2020 #13

H: D-darlin’?

Me: Do you have your chittens?

H: Aaa – I do. Not all, some are seeking food. Gin and Horus Helios are on the bed.

Me: Not Rum and Nem?

H: No… With Isis. Hunting… But they know where I am.

Me: That’s alright then. Wait – do I need to fetch you Tennyson too?

H: (wry) Not unless my stay is a long one. Aaaaaa he’s Storm-bred after all…

Me: How have you been?

H: Bedlam has been most courteous – aside from our initial disagreement. We have since… come to an accord.

Me: Oh?

H: … She will… will guard me from my own foolishness. And I will allow her… so long as it does not endanger you. … aaa …. I still feel it. It hasn’t left aa yet I can breathe again…

Me: This is a nasty contagion that can hang around for an amount of time – especially when your lungs are already weakened. (‘Which mine aren’t, you utter idiot’ is something I definitely could have added but didn’t.) I don’t know the mechanics of this – it’s not like TB. You might be bloody stuck like this until the world feels better. At the very least, quarantine or this shitty cough is stopping me from healing you properly. … Will – will you please stay in Bedlam until it’s safe to return?

H: … Very well.

Me: Is there anything I can do?

H: Aaaa write me a story, darlin’.

Me: I’m already trying – but it’s the first thing I’ve written in a while.

H: Does it have a happy ending?

Me: I don’t know how, but yeah, somehow it will.

H: Don’t cry darlin’…

Me: How do I not? The state of the world is not a good one. Famine in modern times is manufactured. Now it seems pestilence is too. I don’t mean it was man-created; I mean it’s spread could be stopped by man. We’ve been in quarantine for about fifty days now? And the authorities are talking about opening everything up again. Despite the fact that every time that has happened in history there is a second wave of contagion that is worse than the first. WWI and influenza broke Oblivion – WWII sank it further. I don’t – what – what’s going to happen if those numbers start up again?

H: (Softly) Nothing that you can stop.

Me: ….. (defeated) Love you H. I should sleep.

H: I love you, darlin’.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
May 2020 #13

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