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May 2020 #12

Me: H?

H: (Coughing and agitated and struggling against something) aaa… what did you do?

Me: Saved you I hope.

H: I – where…?

Me: You were taken to your uncle’s house by Sophie, she was looking after you. But you were getting worse, so… I… I’m pretty sure you’re in Bedlam now.

H: Aaa… I – why…?

Me: You were dying and I didn’t know what else to do.

H: (petulant) I’m already dead.

Me: Don’t start on that again as if we’re both ignorant of the difference between a ghost and a leechgiest or the Stormlands and Oblivion. I can’t watch you drown… You think differently?

H: Given my current state of incarceration, no.

Me: If you recover your health, I may eventually earn your forgiveness. But if you fall to Oblivion or worse it doesn’t really matter, does it? You won’t be around to hate or forgive me.

H: I’m in a cell.

Me: Bet you’d stoop as low as it took if I was dying. 


Me: Don’t worry, you don’t have to curse me, I’m pretty sure Sophie wants that honour.

H: … that’s not kind. (Small smile) But she does have a fierce eye…

Me: (seeing things from the corner of my eye) Are – are you… tied to the bed? … What the hell?

H: Aaaa I was not in the best humour when I found myself here. I did not know… I – I was not civil.

Me: Uncivil enough to be tied down?!

H: I… I was short of breathe and temper.

Me: This is stupid, give me a minute to work it out ad I can untie your wrists… … There – I think that’s it. … H?

H: …I’m here.

Me: Are you alright?

H: (Tiredly) I have no goddamn idea.

Me: Is there anything I can do for you?

H: …Got any bourbon?

Me: You’re in luck, I do. (Pour him a measure and hand it over.) … Do you hate me very much?

H: No aaa there was just anger – no less than you would feel in my place.

Me: I’m sorry. I just… really didn’t want you to drown.

H: (Quiet for a long time) I was – drowning. Oblivion was cutting in with every breath… I thought I could shoulder your malady as you had sometimes taken mine… aaa … it was too much…

(One of my cats walked over me and the board pushing the silver ring off and severing the connection.)

Me: Damnit Tiresias! No, my little one, get off, you can’t sit there… … H?

S: No.

Me: Who am I talking to?

S: Lord, you look done in.

Me: Sophie!

S: Mm. H disappeared some time before first light.

Me: Bedlam has him. We were just talking. He’s better than he was.

S: My boy was there. He said he saw a star. Or a lady – he wasn’t sure.

Me: Bedlam can be both – tell him he has good sight.

S: … How is he?

Me: Not pleased with me. But he’s breathing easier and doesn’t look so haggard.

S: I’ll let the family know.

Me: Thank you. (I go to take the ring away from the board when it jolts as if changing gears, so I centre my thoughts and pay attention again.)

H: …darlin’?

Me: Sorry – I lost the connection. Tiresias knocked the ring from the board.

H: …. the cats aaaaa….

Me: Your chittens? (H nods) Well, cats always know the way to Bubastis, and anywhere else they need to go. If I ask Bedlam to let them know where you are I’m sure they’ll find their way?

H: …please darlin’.

Me: You think Gin and her brood won’t find you? Of course she will! … I can’t stay awake – I’m sorry. Love you though.

H: Aaaaaa love you girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
May 2020 #12

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