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May 2020 #11

Me: H?

S: Damn girl, hush up – he’s sleeping.

Me: Sophie! … I’m sorry – he won’t let me help him.

S: Mm, stubborn. Always was.

Me: I talked to your son the other night.

S: He said. Knew you’d be around sooner or later.

Me: I hope I didn’t scare him…?

S: (teasing) No, all the family know H keeps strange company.

Me: Oh dear – is it so very scandalous?

S: (smiling) Not so much. He’s always been… different than expected.

Me: What can I do to help him? I keep trying, it’s not bloody working…

S: This… push an’ pull you have. You both allow it. This time he ain’t.

Me: He…? He has to! I won’t see him turn to a bloody leechgeist!

S: An’ he don’t want you dead. You’re both fools too close to bear seeing the other hurt.

Me: …But you’re clear sighted. What he’s doing is killing him. What can I do to stop it?

S: Let go of him.

Me: (quiet and heartfelt) Fuck off. What else?

S: I don’t know – you’re a witch ain’t you? You figure it.

Me: … I – I don’t know – I …I could put him in Bedlam. It’s helped in the past?

S: You do what you do. But you best hurry.

Me: I’ll do the best I can. Thank you for talking to me, and for being such a good friend to H.

S: (looking stern or possibly annoyed) Hm. I’ve nothing but love for you girl, but you have to save him.

Me: I know. I will.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
May 2020 #11

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