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May 2020 #10

Me: H?

?: … Yes?

Me: (I can’t see who it is but I know it’s not H.) Call me by my name.


Me: Call me by my name! You’re not H or else you’d know who I am. (I decide to make up some witchy rubbish to try to scare them.) For your trespass I invoke the power of the arcana as wielded by the eternal seven who rule in Dis – I shall sever the thread of your soul and-

?: (panicked) No!

Me: Where is H?


Me: If you can’t answer then you’d best find me Sophie or Hesta and do it fast!

?: (timid) Lady?

Me: I’m not a lady I’m a witch and I’m getting short on temper…

?: You’re the shadow lady who comes with uncle sometimes. Come with me…

Me: Ah, so we’re at Uncle J’s? When did H get here?

?: Sophie went fetching him when he took sick. He’s here…

H: …aaaaa … darlin’?

Me: H – I’m here. … Well you’re fucked up severe and no mistake.

H: No.

Me: No? You’re trying to tell me this is healthy?

H: No – I – it…

Me: (Raising power to try and heal him properly)

H: (grabbing my hand) No – please…

Me: What is it then? Are you protecting someone else?

H: Yes.

Me: Who?


Me: Who?

H: …You.

Me: What will happen if I try to help you?

H: I – I can’t.

Me: Can’t what?

H: K-keep my promise.

Me: What promise is that?

H: (annoyed and desperate) Aaaa an important one!

Me: To whom?

H: …you.

Me: I don’t want to be safe and well if you’re dead.

H: (Coughing and laughing mirthlessly) I’m already-

Me: You know damn well what I mean! Who was it who brought me here? A child – a little boy I think?

H: Aaaa Sophie’s boy.

Me: Oh, I never knew she had a child. Did you meet him when you were alive?

H: No. He is a kind boy. And as smart as she.

Me: How long have you been staying at your uncle’s?

H: … I’m not sure. Time slips…

Me: H this is ridiculous. Just give me my bloody illness back.

H: Why?

Me: So your aunts and uncles and Sophie don’t kill me?

H: Darlin’… aaa… don’t.

Me: Don’t try to save you?

H: Yes.

Me: Why on earth would I agree to that?

H: …it stops.

Me: The – the disease? Do you mean here, or in the world, or in me…?

H: Aaaaaa I don’t know.

Me: H, you are neither the cause nor the cure for this. Please, just…

H: …love you…

Me: Love you, H.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
May 2020 #10

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