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Anon Submitted:

 So when I was younger, about 2-5 I would go over to my grandmother’s frequently (4 times a week at most, and would stay overnight most of the time). She lived in the slums in a decently aged house.

 Anyway, in her backyard (hey backyard has a link and it will be so much easier to explain if you can look at that while I reference) she has a garage and a little shed directly behind it that no one ever went into. It was padlocked and I don’t think anyone was able to open it, even to this very day. And I always feel this irrational fear and sense of dread whenever I go near it nowadays, but then I was just incredibly fascinated by it. ‘Cause, you know, it was some sort of forbidden place and I was a little shit that was obsessed with breaking the rules and being a little Scooby Doo sleuth. Unfortunately.. I couldn’t open it, or actually fortunately now that I look back on the situation. Buuut there was a window on the side of the shed you could look into. It was on the side of the shed that had this little alleyway that was about 3 feet wide, one side of the alleyway held the shed and the garage, the other this 8 foot tall fence that separated my Grandmother’s house from her neighbor’s. So I remember looking in and seeing, well, spiderwebs/cobwebs, and abundance of dust, and some tools of sorts, not usual tools, you know? They didn’t even look like normal shit a person would or should be using. I can’t even explain them. And in the corner there was a rather large box, big in height, it wasn’t very wide, or else it wouldn’t be able to fit in the shed. It was poorly made, like they got some wood boards and quickly nailed them together and created a shitty coffin.

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FYN TBT Mod James: This was one of the first several I did.  It’s just the one I think about most often.




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