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March 2019 #623

(continued from #622)

Me: What about you?

H: I have mostly been

Me: Can I fetch you books, or paper or something?

H: Thank you, no. I
learnt form past mistakes and (coughing) and before I took to bed on Monday I
gathered supplies. (coughing)

Me: Very sensible. … I
wish someone would adopt Andromeda.

H: No takers?

Me: No, which is sad;
she’s quite an affectionate thing when she wants to be, as well as being
eternally playful. …Will you stay in bed today?

H: I may venture down to
the stove somewhen.

Me: I’m sorry I haven’t
been around.

H: You’re here now.

Me: You’re very
forgiving. … Have I ever told you of the carpet fluff song?

H: I’m (coughing) I’m
not sure.

Me: It’s a song a friend
wrote for me when I was having a bad night. It always cheers me up. Want to

H: Yes. (listens) … That
was (coughing) …novel. I see why you like it. I’ve not heard a banjo like that.

Me: It’s not a banjo, it
a ukulele. It’s a Hawaiian instrument based on a small Portuguese guitar.

H: Jaunty thing.

Me: It is. I should go and find breakfast.

H: Alright darlin’.

Me: Love you H.

H: Love you girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
March 2019 #623

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