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March 2019 #615

(Continued from #614)

Me: No one likes to be
bullied or manipulated by someone they care for. Mostly because it proves their
character ugly. It’s difficult knowing you keep such ugliness close to you by

H: Have you known such a

Me: Yes – when I was 4. I
suppose it was lucky to learn the lesson so young.

H: (coughing) That boy-

Me: Who said he was made
of steel and I was made of glass and that he loved me. Yes. And then told me
he’d send an army of sharks to eat me and my family because I’d disobeyed him.

H: Do you (coughing) do
you think he changed?

Me: No, not fundamentally,
more’s pity. What will you do today?

H: Go for a walk.
(coughing) Stretch my limbs.

Me: Wrap up warmly

H: I shall wear both

Me: The Bedlam one and
the coachman’s one?

H: Yes.

Me: Any other plans?

H: A hot bath after.

Me: Very sensible. I have
to take Tiresias to the vet. I can’t work out if she has a cold or an eye
infection. Either way, the medicine the free vet gave us isn’t working.

H: (coughing) I wish her
a swift recovery.

Me: Thank you.

H: I had never
previously considered what individual and magnificent beasts cats are until you
sent me Gin.

Me: We domesticated dogs,
but cats sort of domesticated themselves. Little apex predators who hang out
with us through whim, not need.

H: I thought (coughing)
everything a feline did was on a whim?

Me: Ha! Probably. The
person interested in adopting Andromeda is coming on Thursday. And the place in
Hilo is available in three weeks. So maybe March is a month of changes?

H: You are due them.

Me: Yes. Did you eat this

H: Biscuits and coffee.

Me: Alright. I should
leave you to the rest of your morning. Love you H.

H: (coughing) Love you

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
March 2019 #615

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