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March 2019 #614

(#613 is not a part of this record because drama is tedious.)

H: Darlin’.

Me: Morning.

H: Coffee?

Me: You’re up and about.

H: Don’t look too

Me: Coffee would be great
– if you already have some on the stove.

H: Here.

Me: Thank you. So, S

H: On Sunday.

Me: Finally felt she
could report to your family you weren’t about to cough yourself into oblivion?

H: Something like that. (coughing)
And you – your weekend?

Me: After the beginning
incident everything was quiet and pleasant. Turned out Kal hadn’t meant to do
anything melodramatic this time, just un-jam and clean the gun. Although I
don’t think one should do even that whilst inebriated.

H: Still loaded then?

Me: Yes. I though she might
be which was why I never touched the trigger when I hid her away.

H: …I worry Kal is not
as competent as he believes.

Me: It’s more like… he doesn’t
think being drunk applies to him. Everyone else is illogical and reckless and
dumb when drunk – but not him.

H: (coughing) That is
the curse of whiskey!

Me: Well, it seems to
have struck him especially hard.

H: Why d’you think
everyone shot one another? Why Dodge said ‘no guns in town’?

Me: ‘Cos whiskey makes
men stupid, and guns and stupidity is a bad mix.

H: (wry) Women are not immune to the devilry of drink.

Me: I never said they
weren’t – but fewer of them were heeled!

H: I considered getting
K a derringer for her reticule. On the whole I am glad I did not.

Me: You figure she would
have shot you?

H: Yes. On more than one

Me: Did your arguments
get really bad?

H: Once or twice.

Me: What were they about?

H: …JR. …And money. I
despise both topics. And K could bully or play games to try to get her way – I
never cared for that. (coughing)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
March 2019 #614

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