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March 2019 #612

(continued from #611)

Me: Whilst I’m sorry to
see you go, the upside is I know he must be a lot better… what was that look

H: S’s one foible – if
it may be termed such – (coughing) is – is a lack of trust. She doesn’t trust
(coughing) a task she didn’t oversee to be performed (coughing) with the
diligence it ought.

H – hush now!

H: Hence she doesn’t-

Me: -Believe you’ll get
better or I’ll look after you without her. You’ve used up too much air.

You listen to her if you not listen to

Me: I know you don’t
believe I’m capable because I’m not here enough. But I always do what I can,
even if it’s just-


Me: Yes.

(looking at my shot of bourbon) You let her drink that?

H: I’d be foolish to
gainsay it.

You two are alike.

Me: Ha! Hardly, but thank
you for the compliment. (playing with my pendant)

You give her that?

H: No.

Me: I designed it and had
it made.

You give her that ring?

Me: Which one?

That. (pointing at my wedding ring)

Me: No, I designed it and
had it made.

You give her any jewels?

H: I tried.

What that mean?

Me: This one.

That’s some stone.

Me: He designed and made
it. Kinda. It’s complicated.

Hm! (surprised and pleased)

Me: I should go. If I
don’t speak to you before I go, S, it was a delight if an occasionally
terrifying one. Thank you. For everything.

Hm. Welcome.

Me: H – I’ll talk to you
Tuesday, if not before. Love you.

H: Love you girl.

(This is the pendant. And this is the ring.)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
March 2019 #612

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