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March 2019 #611

S: You
never said you’d be here for lunch.

Me: I’m not, it just happens to be lunch time. Are you and H
going to eat together?

S: (shrugging) He
come down or I go up.

Me: Which is it today?

S: We
see… H? We got company. … He come down.

… Darlin’!

Me: Hello H. How are you both?

I continue to improve.

S: You
got room for it.

H: (amused) S feels I am not sufficiently aware of my faults. She feels
(coughing) it’s her job to redress (coughing) the lack. Don’t you sugar?


Me: S, how have you been?

S: Looking
after his sorry hide.

I’m wounded, sugar.

S: I
skin you, I not get a dollar – ain’t enough to make a purse out of you!

Me: …You really are too thin, H.

(coughing) I am eating.

Me: Well I don’t see S letting you get away with coffee, bourbon
and cigarettes!

S: Hell
no! … You know how to cook?

Me: Yes, I do.

S: Not

Me: I know how to bake and how to cook.

S: Mm.

Sugar, she’s cooked entire dinner parties for her father.

Me: Three courses plus nibbles and coffee, before you ask.

S: You
know invalid food?

Me: If you mean toast-water, gruel, and milk junket, yes. If you
mean would I serve it? No. Bone broth, creamed potatoes and buttered vegetables
if far better.

H: I’ll be in good hands

Me: Why the sudden quiz?

H: S is leaving on

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
March 2019 #611

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