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Man in the Closet

 bloodbukkake submitted 

Just to start, I’m Canadian and I live in Alberta. I’ve dealt with ghostly/paranormal stuff all my life, but this one spirit that I have to deal with on a regular basis scares me.

When I was very young, almost a newborn in fact, my family lived in a large house in the city. We had a lot of people living in the house, so it was very busy. But apparently, nobody really acted like themselves in that house- everyone was always really tense, sad or angry.

I remember getting into the habit of sleepwalking because of that house. I was just a baby, but apparently I woke up screaming everyday at the exact same time. I remember waking up at night and seeing a man standing there in my closet.

He was like a silhouette, like a shadow. He was tall and thin. He had a blue glow around his head, and he had wild hair that stood on end, and he had red eyes. He also had long fingers, like they were claws.

Our neighbors told us a man was murdered in the house, and we eventually moved.

My mother became pregnant with my younger brother at this time also. I got my own room in the new house. And I began to see the same man in my closet- he’d wake me up every night and just stand there and stare. He never did anything to me as far as I can remember, but he was terrifying to me.

My mom had my brother, and I chose to switch rooms with him because I was so scared of that man. I never saw him again after I changed rooms, and I thought that I would never hear about him again. I never told my parents about this man.

Quite a few years later- my brother and I are teenagers. We were walking around talking, and he brought up something he used to see as a child.

He described the man in the closet that I had never told anyone about before, the exact description. Except that the man used to smile at my brother.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Man in the Closet

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