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Malibou Lake in Agoura Hills, California:(Not my…

Malibou Lake in Agoura Hills, California:

(Not my photos)

Located within the #SantaMonica Mountains National Recreation Area in #AgouraHills, #California, Malibou Lake is a private manmade reservoir that was formed in 1922 as a result of the construction of the nearby #Malibou Lake Dam. The 350 acres of rugged #wilderness and mountainous terrain surrounding the #lake became a widely used filming location for over 100 #Hollywood productions over the following years, including classic films like #Frankenstein (1931), #GoneWithTheWind (1939), and #TheRing (2002), and is now home to an exclusive private community of over 250 residents. Malibou Lake is rumored to be #haunted by the #spirit of a woman who once swam at the lake before dying of old age, whose #apparition is allegedly seen #swimming to and from a small #island. Although very little information regarding the woman’s identity is known, she is described as wearing a swimming cap, and many locals over the years have come to refer to her simply as “The Lady Of The Lake.”

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Malibou Lake in Agoura Hills, California:(Not my…

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