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maddieetc submitted: So my friend and my immediate family…

maddieetc submitted:

So my friend and my immediate family went to New Orleans to visit some cousins of mine. My sister, my friend, and a cousin of mine went on a ghost tour in the French Quarter. I snapped this picture at Jean Lafitte’s Black Smith Shop, which is actually a bar. The of age drinkers went inside in hopes of experiencing something, at the suggestion of the tour guide. Being, under 21 my sister, friend, and I waited outside. I used my friends Iphone to snap this picture. I was actually aiming for the window with the pirate flag in the middle. That white girl yeah she wasn’t there when I snapped the picture. She is in period clothing, and definitely looks like a minor. The tour guide hadn’t even told us the story yet, letting people finish their drinks on the side walk. She then told us that before or after the use of the building as a hangout for pirates in the 1800s, the building was home to a family. The family lost 3 children within a period of a week to disease. They lost the last and 4th child a week later. The mother hung herself of grief and guilt. My picture matches the story. The creepiest part is she is staring right at me when I took it. I believe she let me capture her picture since I was the youngest female in the group, probably the closest in age to her. In that way we are connected.

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maddieetc submitted: So my friend and my immediate family…

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