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Long Haired Lady

Anonymous submitted:

Anon please 🙂

I was about 12 when this happened. My parents and I had recently moved into an old house (it looked like it was built in the 1940s maybe? I’m not good with this stuff, it was old) around the time I started middle school, and I always had weird feelings in it. Like there was an extra person in the house walking around, doing there business, even though I’m an only child. There were creaks all around. At anytime from the middle of the day to the night. They were particularly noticeable in the hallway just before the stairwell. I never brought any friends over or anything because of how I felt uncomfortable in it. One night, as I was home alone because my parents were going out for their fifteenth wedding anniversary, I was sitting by myself in the den watching a movie and eating ice cream on the couch (because I could). After the movie ended and I turned off the tv, I started hearing the creaking from the hallway behind me. It was dark behind me and I the creaking was quicker, almost more aggressive, than it usually was. Something had to be there causing it. I felt my blood run cold and my skin prick as I stood up from the couch, started walking to the hallway. With the little bit of light that had been coming from the, I could make out someone, a lady, hunched over, with long hair, pacing back and forth in front of the staircase. My voice was gone for a second, and then I screamed. I screamed so hard, I fell over and started crawling backwards. I pushed myself up and hit the light switch and grabbed a cushion from the couch as a weapon. When I turned back, the lady was gone. I sat on the couch for an hour until my parents came home. I never saw her again, and we’ve since moved and I went away for college, but I’m still afraid one night I’ll find her and she’ll stop pacing and turn toward me.

FYNK James: 9/10 Woa nelly, this lady’s wild. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Long Haired Lady

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