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Lonely woman

suriee submitted:

Hey, first I want to say I’ve many paranormal stories.

All my life have been experimenting weird stuff happening to me, sometimes just to scare me, others pretty much saved my life.

The last creepy thing happened to me was this; Every couple weeks I have an appointment with a doctor that lives next town. I usually take the bus (20 mins), see my doctor, take the bus back and go home.

Now, there’s a part of the road that is well known for having a dangerous curve and many accident have happened, curiously, after or before the curve. Never there exactly. Now, I’m from Mexico, and we use to put crosses in the place when someone dies, as a memorial. As you can imagine, this particular part of the road has a lot of crosses, some really old, some really new…

Going back home, was dark already, I was in the bus, my eyes closed, minding my business when I suddenly (completely out of nowhere) start to remember about those crosses in the road.

Bus’ lights are off because is late, is almost empty except for me and another 3 people. Then, I feel a hand on my shoulder, and in my mind I knew it was a woman, a dead one. I felt confused, cold, scared, and I realized whoever she’s, is sharing her feelings with me. It scared me pretty badly, I opened my eyes and I saw a house in the road, lights on, and a cross close to a tree.

Now, by this point, I just know that’s a memorial for her, and I remember the last accidents in the past years, people were talking a lot about one in particular, were a unknown woman died in a crash. I just know is her… And I panicked.

I was feeling colder, and more scared, so I started cursing at her in my mind, calling her all kind of names you can think of (is a tradition here, people say if you curse the ghosts they will leave for a good time), hoping she goes away but the grip in my shoulder only gets harder.

At that moment knew she wasn’t going to leave me alone, and I really didn’t want to have her stuck with me that night (because of past experiences I know people that has helped me to detach ghosts that stuck to me, so I would have get her gone next morning but, who wants to sleep with a ghost?). I tried to calm myself, breathing deep, I stared at my phone lockscreen, just focusing in the light because dark was freaking me out.

The bus made a stop, some guy left, and next stop was mine, we were about to enter my town, then I saw the lights in front of us and I remembered that when you enter my town there’s an intersection, one to the town and another to the graveyard… I stopped cursing, took a deep breath, and talked to her in my mind.

I don’t remember what I told her exactly, but I remember telling her she couldn’t be with me, that she wasn’t alive anymore and that I was sure she knew too, because I could feel how scared she was, then I did the most stupid thing you can do; I told her that in front of us was the graveyard, holy land where she could finally rest, and she could stay with me until we got to that intersection, but after that she had to go to the graveyard because I didn’t want or needed her.

I felt the grip get a bit loose, like if she accepted, and my mind went blank until I saw the intersection lights and the sign to town and graveyard.

I told her was time to leave, was her stop, the grip in my shoulder got hard again like if she didn’t want to leave and it made me really mad for a reason (type of “we had a deal, you can’t break it”), so I started whispering to her she had to stay here, was her only place to be, that if followed me more I would look for someone to kick her out and she would be in darkness again for being greedy and miss the chance to get to the light.

At that point the bus was in the middle of the street, I saw the graveyard lights in the distance and I remember telling her “This is were you stay, light is there, even if you can’t cross to the other side yet there will be light for you, and you won’t be alone while you wait. Go now, and don’t stop until get into holy land.”

After that the grip suddenly dissapeared and the cold and fear did too. The bus continued going and I finally could breath again, feeling realieved. The bus did the final stop and I waited for the others to leave before getting my bag and going down too. I said thank you and goodnight to the driver, he looked back at the bus and then at me and asked me if I was the last one. I said yes and he gave me a funny look, then said “I thought I saw someone was sitting with you…” I said no, I was alone, he said probably was too tired and said goodnight too.

I haven’t gone to the graveyard since that day, but will be going soon for dia de muertos. I just really hope that woman isn’t there anymore, because I don’t feel like dealing with her again.

James: 6/10 It’s a little funny to me that you have to curse at a ghost and tell them you don’t want them to hang around to make them leave. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Lonely woman

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