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Living With The Dead

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On September 19th of 2016, police were called to a house in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, after a neighbor reported feelings of unease about the dwelling’s slowly worsening state. The grass had not been cut, and there had been very few signs of activity, which was especially odd for a home that allegedly still occupied. When officers arrived, they were able to see through a main-floor window… and inside, they saw a corpse.

“Slowly, I saw them bring one body out,” a neighbor said. “Then I watched, and I saw them go back in the house with the empty gurney, so I knew then that there was another one in there.”

The bodies of fifty-nine-year-old Richard John Kuelfer and his mother, ninety-two-year-old Evelyn Lucille Kuefler, were found in the house that day, with both of them showing severe decay. A medical examiner later stated that while the advanced decomposition made it difficult to know for sure, each individual had likely died of natural causes sometime in August of the previous year.

Had this been a case of simply recovering two forgotten corpses, this story might have been forgotten.

As it happened, though, they were not alone.

Robert James Kuefler, the surviving twin brother of Richard, was still in the house – and very much alive – when police arrived on the scene. When questioned, Kuefler confessed to having lived with his departed family members for over a year. He claimed to have been “traumatized” by his mother’s passing, and had been unable to report her death… but that statement was brought into question when he later confessed that his brother had died first.

Kuefler was arrested at the scene, then released without any charges being filed against him. However, during the week of October 6th, 2017, he was charged with neglecting to report his family members’ deaths to authorities, and for interference with a dead body or scene of death. If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of a year in jail and a $3,000 fine.

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Report by Paloma Faraón

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Living With The Dead

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