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Lakeville Cemetery in Leonard, Michigan:(Not my…

Lakeville Cemetery in Leonard, Michigan:

(Not my photos)

Lakeville #Cemetery in Leonard, #Michigan (sometimes listed as Lakeville) was established in 1843, and is the subject of several strange and mysterious #UrbanLegends. Most of these #legends center around a large #mausoleum which was constructed for James and Elizabeth Dunn, who passed away in 1930 and 1952, respectively. One story passed down by locals over the years claims that the location is #haunted by the #spirit of a man who was somehow locked inside the old mausoleum overnight, which allegedly caused him to become so overcome with fear he committed #suicide. Some stories also claim that the mausoleum was used by a #SerialKiller to hide dismembered bodies, however none of these claims are backed by #historical evidence or are otherwise able to be proven. Another well known #UrbanLegend claims that the Dunn mausoleum is haunted by the #ghosts of a teenage boy and girl who were found #dead after being dared to spend the night inside. Additionally, very few firsthand accounts of #paranormal activity at Lakeville Cemetery are available for reference.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Lakeville Cemetery in Leonard, Michigan:(Not my…

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