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Kitchie Cemetery in Trout Creek, Michigan:Kitchie #Cemetery in…

Kitchie Cemetery in Trout Creek, Michigan:

Kitchie #Cemetery in Trout Creek, #Michigan was established in 1899, and was used as a burial location for only two years before being permanently #abandoned for unknown reasons. While some speculate that Kitchie Cemetery may have been established as a private family cemetery or some type of veteran’s cemetery, the truth behind its origins remains unknown. Those visiting the old cemetery at night often report witnessing strange glowing #orbs and #apparitions, as well as hearing the sounds of a #chainsaw in the #woods, and the disembodied sounds of men and women #screaming. Motorists stopping at Kitchie Cemetery also report experiencing unexplained technical issues, such as car batteries draining unexpectedly, or sudden #radio static that subsides upon leaving the location.

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Source: Ghost Quest USA

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Kitchie Cemetery in Trout Creek, Michigan:Kitchie #Cemetery in…

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