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Kid in the Hallway

childofmyth submitted:

Okay so this JUST happened to me and I wanna make sure I let someone know before I decide to just pass it off. First you’lol need a bit of backstory.

I live with my grandparents over the weekend and they’re foster parents. Right now they’re at a birthday party for the boy they foster, he’s 2 today. The only people home are my Dad, my boyfriend, and me. My Dad went into the kitchen for a long time and my boyfriend is asleep in his room, so I’m left alone in the living room while the Bourne Supremacy is on. Across the room from me is a toybox and a small table shaped like a box. On the table is a few loose toys.

I was sitting here, playing my DS when all of a sudden one of the toys on the box table starts to play a song. Except the song is warbled and choppy and keeps repeating. I stay perfectly still, watching the lights that blink when it’s playing reflect against a plastic tub next to it. The song stops and I don’t move still, until I’m perfectly sure it won’t play again.

I got up then and walked over to the toy, which is a small keyboard toy with a lion’s head. The song only plays if you press it’s nose and there are no other toy or anything leaning on it to have pressed it’s nose. So I press it instead and all that comes out is a low static. I press it again, harder and suddenly the song starts to play normally. I try it a few more times and it’s working normally again.

Normally when I encounter certain entities nearby, I feel a kind of highly concentrated anxiety if it poses a threat. Unfortunately I can’t see things, so that is my only way of knowing. I did not get this feeling while this event transpired, so my only guess is that either the toy malfunctioned or the ghost offers no threats.

As a bonus to this story, I was walking around in the dark of the house last night, trying not to turn on any lights to disturb anyone. As I walked down the hallway, I stopped because I swear I saw and sensed the shape of something right in front of me, so I stopped so I didn’t bump into them, wondering if the foster boy had sneaked out of bed. But nothing was there. The shape had been shorter than I am and I’m only 5’2". This happens quite often in the hallway at night actually. And one last thing, the square table with the keyboard toy sits right next to the entrance to the hallway.

I think my grandparents have a child ghost in their hallway.

FYNK James: 6/10 That’s only because they totally do. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Kid in the Hallway

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