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January 2019 #591

(coughing) Good morning darlin’. I left you sleeping – I
hope you don’t mind. The kits were set to riot.

Me: I don’t mind, I’ve only just got the house to myself. The
landlady’s dogs wouldn’t shut up from 5am.

Are you in need of a restorative?

Me: Coffee?


Me: I have some, thank you. … I’ve just seen Andromeda pick up a
tennis ball in her mouth – she’s a small cat too.


Me: Wouldn’t people in your time have said ‘spirited’?

(laughing) Yes.

Me: ‘A very spirited young lady’ is just code for ‘answers to
neither man nor god and we don’t know what to do with her’.

That is not incorrect.

Me: Always wanted to be ‘spirited’. Best I manage is ‘bloody-minded’.

You are stubborn, it’s true. A necessary virtue for a witch.

Me: Yes. … My dad had another fall last night.

Not a grave one I hope?

Me: Spent most of the night on the floor, unable to get up. In
the morning he was able to drag himself to a phone and call someone… I could
try doing a spell for him. But a spell to stop someone falling over will be one
of the stranger spells I’ve ever attempted.

Might Bedlam help?

Me: Not really her remit. … Did you go riding yesterday?

No (coughing) I did not. I may brave the frozen wastes
today. And you darlin’?

Me: I’ve a lot of work to do on the editorial column. I’ve let
it languish for a week.

Will your readership take up arms?

Me: Doubt it, they’re not that

Does it make you happy?

Me: It did when I had enough time for it. I don’t seem to have
the time any more.

Perhaps it’s time to stop.

Me: Perhaps. I thought I’d finish the notebook I was writing in
and see how I felt. There’s only about a month’s worth of pages left.

We spend our lives invested in so many pursuits that are
necessary or profitable. It would be a pity to fill one’s leisure time with

Me: Just to be clear – if I stop the editorial column that
doesn’t mean I’ll stop speaking to you.

H: (coughing) I’m glad to hear it! S would chase after you with
a rolling pin and a toasting fork.

Me: I wouldn’t dare put her to the trouble. I should leave you
to your day and start typing up the reams of notes I have.

Alright darlin’.

Me: Love you H.

Love you girl.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #591

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