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January 2019 #590

(Continued from #589)

It is a terrible thing to live beyond your time. When the
body fails it is not only health you sacrifice, but purpose and pride and self

Me: I’m sorry – I’m sorry no one was there for you. I’m sorry I
wasn’t there.

Darlin’, I couldn’t place that on you.

Me: If I could hex time, I’d travel back and kick PM in the
balls and assault JT with a candlestick. Then at least you wouldn’t have caught
pneumonia in jail.

And dying might have taken longer… Although I’d weather it
just to see you take down Mr PM.

Me: I’d fuck him up

I believe you would! (coughing and laughing) You have quite
the capacity for vengeance.

Me: I’m a witch – all witches do. When you get down to it, all
magic is justice or vengeance. Resetting the scales of the universe to how you
believe they ought to be. Which is also pretty egotistical now I come to think
of it.

Which was speaking to me?

Me: Love and spite and selfishness.

Not justice?

Me: It had a just outcome; but I’d be lying if I claimed that
was my motive.

(coughing) Let us drink to spite then.

Me: Not love?

O, I drink to that already. Do you have regrets?

Me: Of course. There’s a boy I shouldn’t have slept with, and
another I shouldn’t have gone within ten miles of. There’s a terrible thing I
told my sister; it was true, but I still shouldn’t have told her. And lastly,
if I were a better person, my parents would never have known I was suicidal.
Think that covers it. What about you?

I made a clever remark to W about his woman. As with most
clever remarks, it was not in the best of taste. W left. I always wondered why
he didn’t take me to task. I think it was because he was ashamed – just a touch
– of her heritage.

Me: And if he wasn’t he would have punched you?

(coughing) Like as not. … What are you thinking on?

Me: Does there have to be silver on the board for me to talk to

How do you mean?

Me: If I didn’t use one of my rings. If I just used my fingers.

I don’t know.

Me: I want to get tattoos on my fingers, and I mean for one of
them to be a sigil for perceiving and speaking with the dead.

Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #590

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