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January 2019 #588

(Continued from #587)

Me: What promises stick in the mind the most? Either because they
were important or hard to keep?

(coughing) Goddamn girl, your questions…!

Me: You don’t have to answer.

There are two. The first was to W – well, M – both of them
in truth. Words were not spoken but the pact was made none the less. The second
was to you. No, if you don’t know what it was I’m not speaking of it.

Me: … It’s why you defeated the Storm.

…Yes. Cold iron eyes, girl!

Me: I’m usually good at seeing thoughts if there’s a discernable
pattern. Vvrrr, it’s chill.

Need to get you britches. I thought you had a pair?

Me: Not here. (Tiresias sits on my lap looking smug) Your
rightful place again! You don’t give a shit Andromeda’s gone, do you?

Where’s Andromeda?

Me: At the vet, being neutered.

Will she be back?

Me: Yes. Then I have to work on finding her a home.

You won’t mind seeing her go?

Me: She’s sweet, but she’s not my cat and she can be an utter

(coughing) What’s on your mind darlin’?

Me: Nothing good. Do you have certain friends, that no matter
how long it’s been since you’ve last seen them, you can still talk with ease?

Yes, M is like that.

Me: But there are others where time of distance spoils the
friendship somehow?

A friend only of circumstance.

Me: Love is like that too. Some loves change, some evolve, some
calcify, some grow stronger. Some feel so solid they’d last forever – even
though there’s no such thing.

(amused) Are you sure?

Me: Ha! No. But I’ve loved you since I was fifteen and I feel I
could love you until the stars burn out.

Were I amongst the living (coughing) I might employ poetry
and claim I’d love you ‘til I’m dust. But ours is a strange meeting. So I will
say I do not believe all the waves of Oblivion could make me give you up.

Me: Let’s not give that a try; it was hard enough dragging you
out of Oblivion the first time. I should go. Love you H.

Love you darlin’. Be happy, if you can.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #588

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