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January 2019 #587

(coughing) Darlin’, second pot of coffee’s on the stove.

Me: Sorry – all that took longer than I thought it would. And it
was as well you had a pocket watch because I didn’t set my alarm correctly.

(lighting a cigarette and handing me my coffee) Here.

Me: What will you do today?

Work on some designs.

Me: Did you ever do any jewellery work when you were alive?

(coughing) I drew some – thoughts more than comprehensive
designs. My own work gave rise to new ideas about structure (coughing) but I
didn’t know how to put any poetry in it.

Me: I think I know what you mean – function over form. I still
love the stormlands ring.

(coughing) I’m glad darlin’.

Me: I wish I could see the hairpin. But now my hair’s so short
it’ll be a couple of years until I can wear it, so…

That’s the price for breaking your promise.

Me: I guess. Have you ever broken any promises?

(coughing) Yes. For a start, I signed the pledge at my
mother’s behest. That never took. … I promised MA I’d be back for her birthday.
I almost kept that one…

Me: Almost?

I caught sight of myself in the mirror – truly saw myself as
I had not for some time. I did not look well. (sardonic) Whether that was the
illness alone or the price I paid for my soul’s degeneracy, I couldn’t say.

Me: Your soul’s what?!

Gambling and liquor and charming young women of questionable

Me: You were gambling for a living by then.


Me: Is it still a vice when it’s your livelihood?

A question for the philosophers of the age no doubt. Alas,
the vox poluli said ‘yes’.

Me: Yeah, but the vox populi would rather women starved
virtuously than had sex in able to eat, so…

Indeed. …I promised myself I’d see home before I died, but I
always knew that was a lie. Was one I needed (coughing) … I should like to
state in my defense there are a great many promises I have kept.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #587

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