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January 2019 #583

Darin’, I wasn’t sure I would see you.

Me: The landlady is looking after puppies – this adds a considerable
amount of noise, chaos and delay to her mornings and means she leaves late for
coffee with her friends.

Speaking of…?

Me: Yes please. I need something to warm my fingers on – it’s
breezy and chill today. Well, as chill as it gets here.

Wrap up in the blanket – this won’t take a minute. … Here

Me: Thank you. …It seems darker here today.

(coughing) That would be the storm I mentioned.

Me: Still going?

(coughing) Yes.

Me: … You were right that I shouldn’t have read the story to
you. I was typing it up and it’s changed and doubled in length.

I thought it might. (rolling cigarettes to store in his case
for later) …What?

Me: Just watching. … I might dye my hair today in the hope of
feeling better about my appearance.

What (coughing) what shade?

Me: Honestly don’t know. Maybe deep red again. Maybe purple. I
don’t have access to the range of colours I used to.

What would you like the most? (coughing)

Me: Bone white. Or silver. With the shorn bits left dark.

Is such a thing possible?

Me: If I paid a hairdresser enough money and they fried my hair
with bleach again, yeah, probably.

Don’t be dismayed darlin’. …What is it?

Me: Men in your time used to take more pains over their

A gentleman ought look his best.

Me: Guys are more scruffy these days. Or if they are well
presented it’s generic: only actors and artists strive for a more individual sense
of style.

Am I not well attired?!

Me: I’d known you for five years before you so much as loosened
a cravat in my presence! … Girls are always accused of vanity, when in reality
it’s that society judges us so harshly by our looks we have no choice but to
fret over them. Men are expected to have a level of good looks and physique but
it’s far more forgiving… Did you ever go to the barbers and receive a haircut
you hated? One that had you itching with dislike at your own appearance?

When I was in Vegas, there was a fashion for a particular
cut. It left faint swallow-tails at the back. (coughing) The front was parted
to the side in an upward curl. This necessitated a slight A-symmetry to the
cut. I had felt despondent and hoped that a haircut would revive my spirits. …
It did not. I didn’t remove my hat for a month!

Me: Oh darlin’! … What will you do today?

Same as yesterday I expect. Hibernate with the kits. (Gin is
on H’s lap and bokks his nose as Horus Helios patrols the sofa)

Me: I rather wish I could hibernate with you.

You’re always welcome.

Me: Thank you. …When have you liked your appearance the most?

When I did not look like an ambulatory corpse. I have always
been slender and fair. But I never cared to look so hollow – so frail. I would
have done without mirrors in Colorado. But one cannot hide consumption under a

Me: I always think you look beautiful.

…You have an unlikely sense of aesthetics, but I am

Me: I’m cluttering up your day. I should go.

You take up remarkably little space.

Me: Love you H, very much.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #583

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