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January 2019 #582

(coughing) Darlin’. There’s coffee left. You look cold –
take a seat – there’s a blanket on the side. Here. (hands me coffee and puts
the blanket across my lap)

Me: How are you?

The devil’s still at bay if that’s what you wish to know. The
ride yesterday was chill but pleasant and afforded me much time to think.

Me: Did you come to any conclusions?

(coughing) One or two.

Me: Care to share them?

I believe the present your cards described has not yet
occurred, although the events which forge it are no doubt in motion.

Me: I concur – unless there’s been a lot more shit going on that
you haven’t mentioned.

I’m not in the habit of keeping secrets from you.

Me: So that renders the reading more of a warning then a

Yes. Trouble is coming that I would do better to face than

Me: I do find that funny though – when the fuck have you tried
to outrun anything?

(coughing) Darlin’, I’ve been running since I left Atlanta.

Me: Trying to beat your own personal demon?


Me: Oh – I didn’t tell you the Ace of Swords right – that final
card. It is a victory, a very deceive one, on a matter you have strong feelings
on. That’s what the love and hate bit was about.

Which one wins?

Me: Whichever one you want to. Whichever one you fight for.

(coughing) Thank you.

Me: What will you do today?

Remain cat-like and indolent by the stove.

Me: No riding Tennyson today?

It’s snowing darlin’ – there’s a storm on the way. By afternoon
the sky will be black with it.

Me: Do you have enough wood and kindling?

To last several days. And you darlin’?

Me: I have writing and drawing to do. Unless you were asking
whether I’d stock-piled wood, in which case – no.

(coughing and laughing)

Me: I could read you the scene I wrote about Cait cutting her
hair if you’d like.

I should like that, but I believe you will be happier having
reviewed it first.

Me: Okay. I’ll have it done by tomorrow then.

What’s wrong darlin’?

Me: Bad time of the month. I feel and look like hell. Don’t
wanna look like me.

How do you wish to look?

Me: Better. More enchanting? I don’t know. I think today I’ll
have to dress up or else my brain will capsize.

I believe you once told me, to dress as a thing made you the
thing – at least in the eyes of others – which is half the battle. After all,
another’s expression may serve more truly than a looking glass. Who will you
dress as?

Me: My approximation of Cait probably.

Go along then.

Me: Love you – quite as much as Cait loves Morrow.

I don’t deserve that.

Me: It’s what you’ve got.

Love you darlin’.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #582

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