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January 2019 #581

Darlin’ – are you well?

Me: Yeah, it’s just been a very noisy and chaotic morning.

O. I’m sorry to hear it.

Me: What are you up to?

Contemplating going for a ride.

Me: Good day for it?

Exceptionally crisp and clear. Cold too, it goes without

Me: I was wondering whether now would be a good time to give you
your winterfest gift.

The card reading? Yes. I think now would be an admirable
time. Need I prepare?

Me: No, all we need to do is cut the deck and deal. Give me your
hand… (cut deck)

(coughing) I take it the prognosis is not good.

Me: Not really, that’s… not the best hand one could wish for.

Let’s get it over with.

Me: 10 swords – misfortune and pain – your TB I think. Path: 4
Cups – introspection and depression. The present matter: 6 Swords. You’re
thinking of leaving something or somewhere, hoping that will leave the trouble
and sorrow with it. But that just leads to the Mourner: the trouble and sorrow
sticks, no matter how far you run. You need to face it. Past – Page of Swords –
that’s you’re chequered past. People see you as the hero or the villain,
depending on their point of view, because you’re charming but still have death
sitting at your shoulder. Your future is 7 Pentacles – riding the storm –
dealing with all those things you can’t outrun. Your souls is Temperance-

(coughing and laughing) Really?

Me: Seeking harmony and balance, and in this case, how to manage
the divide between the world and the Distant Shore. Around you, Knight of
Wands: generous, hasty or hot-headed, a friend but one who’s not always looking
out for your interests. Your hopes and fears: Queen of Pentacles-

(coughing) I know who she is.

Me: The outcome: Vengeance.

I walked that road once before.

Me: This time it leads to the Ace of Swords. An undertaking that
invokes both love and hate; a victory perhaps.

I’d hoped for a sunnier road. … I think if you don’t mind
I’ll take that ride now. I’ve matters to ruminate on.

Me: Okay.

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
January 2019 #581

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