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It wasn't her.


lemonade-cat submitted:

This one happened this year.

So, my bedroom is right next to the stairs and the bathroom. When the bathroom is being used, my sister will often pass the time waiting for it to open by hanging out in my doorway or talking to me, seeing what I’m doing.

It was late one night, my lights were off and I was just on my laptop as I usually am. My sister came downstairs from her room, probably to use the bathroom, and decided to hang out in my doorway for a little bit. We had some kind of a small conversation and then I went back to paying attention to my laptop.

After a very short amount of time, I felt my leg being grabbed. It was not a subtle grab. My immediate thought was that my sister was being a straight up-freak and had decided to crawl on my floor and grab my leg as a joke or a way to scare me. My sister sometimes does really WEIRD things as to get a laugh, a rise, or just because it strikes her fancy, so this is 100% not out of the ordinary for her.

I immediately turned my attention to the ground to yell at her for being a total effing weirdo when my eyes are instead drawn to the light coming from the hallway that is visible from my door being ajar.

I’m gonna guess that you know what I’m about to say I say, given the title of this story.

It was my sister. Who very much was NOT crawling on the ground and grabbing legs, but was instead still near my doorway waiting for the bathroom. 

(I did let her know immediately that this just happened, but because at this point we’re both WELL aware that our house is haunted – and after a number of paranormal experiences it just kinda stops being interesting or scary – we both kinda just “WELP” ‘ed at each other and shrug our shoulders after. )

James: 7/10 Leg grabbing is always the most intense form of jump scaring someone. I guess the ghost knows that. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
It wasn't her.

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