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It was Always Heavy

Anonymous Submitted:

I’d prefer if this was kept anonymous

I suppose this is less one story and more a collection of experiences I had from the time I was about 5 until I was around 16 or 17. Now, I’d had weird things happen to me before the age of five including seeing my great aunt…the night after they buried her, but I’ll share that story in another submission. This one is specifically for thing that happened once we moved into the house I spent most of my life in.

I live in Pennsylvania, particularly in the city where the country was born. The house had always felt…off. It had windows in every room and lots of light but it felt dark and heavy and one of my earliest memories was right after we moved in. The house was pretty open from the living room to the dining room but to get to the breakfast room and kitchen you had to go through an archway. You could see into the archway clearly when laying on one of the couches and I’d often lay there. I vividly remember watching a grey figure walk from one side of the arch to the other, disappearing behind the wall only to reappear. It always seemed like pacing, sort of like an animal at the zoo.

It wasn’t long after that that I refused to lay or sit anywhere that faced that archway. Even by the time I was 10 when I had convinced myself that it was my imagination, it always felt like something was waiting in that darkness, so I avoided it at all costs up until the day we moved out. Now, I’m not the only one who saw something there. We had this little old dog for the first 6 years we lived there. He was gentle. Hardly ever barked, really just liked to sleep. He would growl into the kitchen or up the steps then look back at us before growling again. He’d never done anything like that in our old house. He passed away when I was 11 and when we got a new dog, he did the same thing, except he would full on bark like he was trying to scare something.

There was also the time that me and my older sister had just gotten home from school and were setting our backpacks down when our stereo system’s speakers cracked on and all we heard was ‘GET OUT’ and we did. We ran to our grandmother’s house. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if our stereo system hadn’t been unplugged for so long.

I suppose most of the activity outside of the oppressive feeling, and the kitchen centered in the bedroom on the second floor, in the back of the house (oddly enough it would be directly above our kitchen which is odd). It started with small things, the radios (no matter how new it was or where it was plugged in) would turn on by themselves. There was a point where my oldest sister moved out and so my parents made the room bigger and put hardwood floors in for my other sister. And of course (like any little sister) I would go in there to use her computer, and you could hear someone creak the floor when no one was there.

For awhile everything did stop. No heavy feelings, no scary feeling in the kitchen. This was about the time my sister was pregnant with my nephew and during that time she was living in the back room and opened her eyes to see what she swore was our cousin who had died in 1997 (this was in 2010) sitting in her room, as if he was watching over her. And I truly believe that he was for those few months and that’s why it felt different for awhile. Of course that didn’t last.

She moved out, and I moved into the back room. One of the first nights I was in there I was recovering from a surgery so, honestly I was frozen in my bed because I needed help to get up. Well as I’m laying there wide awake, watching TV I get the unmistakeable feeling of someone just slowly climbing into bed with me. I can feel the dip in the mattress the way the covers pulled. And all I could do was close my eyes and pray it would just go away.

Another time I woke up, and it was daylight, my bed faced two widows, and so the area was well lit. Well all I saw was they grey, shadowy thing from my childhood standing at the foot of my bed and I froze. I didn’t even think to close my eyes immediately and when I did I felt like it was there. I could feel it watching me.

And of course there were small things that happened all the times, footsteps, doors closing, cold spots. Nothing earth shattering but creepy nonetheless. The last distinct occurrence I recall happened when we were getting ready to move out. I was packing up my room but still had my bookshelf pretty full. Now I have to this day a plus stork with a bear that plays silent night. Having a birthday around Christmas it was given to me as an baby and I’ve just always sat it out on a shelf. It has a wind up key that makes it play the song and sway. I hadn’t touched it in a long while.

All of a sudden that really heavy feeling just intensified a bit and the stork started to play really, really slowly. I slept in my mom’s room that night and we moved out for different reasons a week later.

Now I know that the rules say to only submit one story but I feel like understanding that so many things happened to me for over 12 years is important because in those 12 years, I never said a word of it to anyone. Of course my sister who shared experiences but never my mother or my father. And yet last night my mother turned to me out of the blue and said “You know our old house was haunted, right?”

FYNK James: 7/10 The part about the bed and the grey figure was especially creepy. I also really liked the part where the demon in your speakers comes in hot with a movie recommendation. I hope you send that story you mentioned and thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
It was Always Heavy

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