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Is that a man?

darth-morrigan submitted:

This happened to my dad, back in the mid 70s.

My grandpa, my dad, and my uncle were driving back from visiting a Navajo Reservation in Southern Utah. (My dad grew up in the farming community of Enoch, and occasionally they would go there to trade.) When they hit the freeway, my dad looked out the window.

Running alongside the vehicle at freeway speeds was a man(?). His arms were bound at the wrist to his forearms, his legs bound at the ankle to his thighs, so that he was running on his elbows and knees.

My uncle saw as well and told my grandpa, who immediately pulled over and turned the car around, back to the Reservation. This has apparently happened to my grandfather several times or he just had a feeling, because he knew exactly what to do. He spoke with one of the elders and they burned a special kind of bark to ward off the man, and they didn’t encounter him on the trip home.

My dad told me all this after I expressed the desire to visit Skinwalker Ranch. Because they are real, and they aren’t men, at least not anymore.

(“Skinwalkers" used to be Medicine Men/Women who have reach the highest level of priesthood before they decided to practice darker magic and become witches, according to most lore. They are sometimes said to be in a partially animal form, but this thing my dad saw looked like a man, except bent in an unnatural way.) 

FYNK James: 6/10 This one’s pretty interesting and the image of the man running on his elbows and knees is pretty crazy. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Is that a man?

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